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First Time THRIVErs

We are SO excited you're here!




1.   Create an account online and book your first class!  You can do this by selecting any class on our schedule page and

       purchasing your first class!  Or feel free to walk-in and we can help you!  As a new student, there is no requirement to

       pre-register for your first class. 

2.   Arrive 10 minutes before the start of class so we can give you a quick tour, walk you through what class will look like and           set you up with equipment if necessary.  You'll also get to meet your instructor and sign a release form. 

3.   Bring water!  If you are attending a Jazzercise class, please make sure to bring your sneakers with you.   Yoga and POP               Pilates are traditionally done barefoot or with socks if desired. 

3.   Wear workout clothes you will be comfortable in while you sweat! We recommend shorts or capris and short sleeve tops         or tank tops.  If you are taking restorative yoga, we recommend a light sweater or coverup and bring a small blanket if you         have one.



1.  Have your water handy! Those muscles will be working hard so you need to make sure you have water to rehydrate!

2.  Keep your phone tucked away.  This hour is for YOU so tuck those phones away as to not to distract you or other                             students during class.

3.   Do only what you feel comfortable doing.  Listen to your body.  Jazzercise and POP Pilates can take a little time to get                  used to.  So take your time, do what you can, and ask questions after class if you have them!  Yoga is also a progressive                practice, so don't expect to be able to do all the poses your first class.   Your instructor will always provide modifications.

4.   Bring on the Good Vibes! This is YOUR hour and we are here to have FUN!  Make sure to woop, holler, and WOO all you          want.  Actually, you'll find your instructor team encourages it!



1.  Talk to your instructor about buying  a recurring pass!  You don't want to leave the studio without your next party session         planned!

2.   Hydrate and stretch!  While we provide many stretches in class, make sure to continue that party at home. 

3.  Don't feel discouraged  if you didn't catch all the poses or moves.  Getting used to a new workout routine takes time and            we'll help you through it!

4. Talk to your instructor and ask questions! Let them know what you thought of class and ask them to clarify any of the                  moves for you!

5. Take a picture and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!  We love when groups of friends take class together and we are all              about fostering community in the Concord area!  So tell your friends and get a few to join you the next time!

6.  SHINE with that post-class glow!

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